Cooper Family

INCLUDES BROOKS FAMILY...and many others!

William Ross Cooper & Cora Lee McGee Cooper with their four oldest children, circa 1900.

The Brooks family, early 20th century.

Ancestors from both sides of my family fought for their beliefs.

A Little Background...

The Name... Contrary to a popular genealogical myth, the surname COOPER is NOT necessarily a "trade" name meaning "barrel maker". It would be highly improbable that your Cooper ancestor WAS a barrelmaker, because, at last count, there are 28 different sources of this name, covering families ranging from those who originated in the British Isles to those who came from Eastern Europe. Obviously, we can't all be related. We believe our branch comes from Scotland. There, it is a "place name" from the town of Cupar in Fife. The earliest recorded use of the name is in the thirteenth century.

The Cooper Files...are sort of like the "X Files." You're never quite positive who a character is or how he or she relates to the rest of the cast. I'm pretty sure about everyone back to Joel Cooper, Jr. Past that, identifying everyone correctly gets a bit iffy. If you have additional information about ANY of the individuals in the files, please let me know...all amplifications and corrections are gratefully accepted.

Who's in the files? To're probably not there. And your mama and daddy may not be there either. My research has concentrated on the ancestors. If you've got family (living or dead) you want added to the files, let me know and we'll see what we can work out.

Our Family Tree... has strong roots in West Tennessee. Before the War Between the States, you'll find our ancestors in South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia. We're your basic Scottish/Irish Southerners.

A Work In Progress... The family history is far from complete. I'm certain that it contains inaccuracies. That's one reason I put it on the others could look at it and (hopefully) fine-tune it. If you have any questions or comments, just e-mail me at the link below.

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